Testing Services


Understanding the unique testing needs of the clients and verifying applications operate according to specifications with our expertise in automation strategy.

Our independent QA and testing team performs comprehensive software testing, taking full responsibility for the people, processes, and technology. Our QA competence uses the latest Agile methodologies to make the influence of our customers tangible. We have qualified QA experts who ensure that the goods are of the highest quality.

TechNerds are experts in Selenium, Unified Functional Testing (UFT), LoadRunner, JMeter, JUnit, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Appium, Monkey Talk, JIRA, Test Link, Bugzilla, Testopia, Footprints, Test Rails, TFS, Rally, and Microsoft Test Manager.

Our experts perform authentication tests to secure data through a unique automated testing strategy to improve efficiency.


Mobile Testing

Meeting specifications and understanding unique mobile testing customer needs. We ensure that we deliver quality and good experience to the end-users. This includes testing for native mobile apps as well as responsive web or hybrid apps. Parameters like signal strength, battery life, user interface are taken into account while the mobile applications.

Security Testing

Uncovering vulnerabilities of system and perform authentication tests to protect data. The security test scenarios are prepared such that techniques like black box and grey box can be implemented by testing as hackers. We make sure that we test the application using popular tools and checks whether confidential data stays encrypted.

Performance Testing

We ensure the reliability, responsiveness and consistent performance of your business-critical applications and stable system behavior. We measure the performance through Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) like Memory, Response Time, Bandwidth, and so on. Our team use a variety of performance testing tools depending on the needs and preferences from clients.

Test Automation

Our automation strategy reduces testing time while ensuring top-notch quality. Our automation test engineers enter the test data, compare the actual and expected results and generate detailed test reports. Using automation tools, it is possible for us to re-play the recorded test suite as needed which helps in improving ROI and reduce the number of test cases that are run manually.

Load Testing

The test environment setup is done such that the Testers from our crew ensure that testing is carried out with ISTQB standards. The load test scenarios are created and executed while different measurements and metrics are gathered to collect the information. Metrics like Average Response Time, Error Rate, Throughput, Request per Second, Peak Response Time and so on. We help in improving the scalability and reduce the cost of failure of the system.

Functional Testing

Verifying that each software application operates in conformance to specifications. Out team focuses on checking the standard functionalities and error conditions, along with basic usability.

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