Cloud Services


Let our experts rapidly and securely impart you to uniquely meet our client's need with agile , dynamic models for the future. TechNerds enables enterprises to harness the power of Cloud by the Leveraging Technologies. We help you define the future vision, establish the strategy, and solutions for enterprises.

We provide the three main cloud strategies such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service(IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service(SaaS). So right from the inception till the publishing, we will take care of your requirements, understand them and with clarity develop solutions using the cloud service providers and help you to manage the large amount of data. Technerds ensures that the complex infrastructure gets migrated to the cloud with no compromise in efficiency, quality, and velocity. We develop the application by using the 12 Factors which helps to build, package, and deploy workloads efficiently. The 12 Factors remains to be relevant in today’s world as we use mainstream technologies like Containers, Kubernetes and so on.

Cloud adoption is of latest trends in the markets, it is required to manage the cloud infrastructure using different approaches. Technerds mainly aims to reduce the operational and security risks , reduce the additional costs, and avoid the frequent cloud shifts too. We certainly believe that we can provide quality services in terms of Cloud deployment, Cloud Security, Network & Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Infrastructure Setup, Business Continuity, and Cloud Migration Services. We have diversified experience in using the popular cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. We adhere to SOC 2 (Systems and Organizational Controls) compliance.



Build and manage your networks, servers, operating systems without buying the hardware. Our team will help you to pick the right cloud service based on your needs. This way you can access and manage your data and connect it to IaaS provider’s API.


We help you to pick the appropriate tool and then using PaaS, we develop the custom applications. Our group of skilled professionals build online software with the help of framework.

Cloud Assessment & Advisory

We assist the client in identifying the cloud strategy to implement after analysis phase is complete. We advise on solutions which are reliable, scalable, and cost-effective from migration perspective.

Cloud-to-Cloud Migration

We do migrate from a cloud to another cloud. For Ex. Transfer the cloud environment and its data from AWS to GCP and etc.

Cloud Deployment and Migration

We help organizations to deploy and migrate from native IT systems to cloud platforms at ease. While we work on this area, we ensure that the security and integrity of data along with minimizing downtime. Also, our expert team works on migrating from On-prem to Cloud and vice versa.

Adhere to Cloud Compliance

Follow the regulatory standards by identifying them and understand the responsibility, read eccentric requirements of your cloud, and ensure proper access control and encryption of data within the cloud. We also make sure that we deep-dive to understand your every bit of Service Level Agreement(SLA).


This is the most common cloud services that we deal with, and we use our technical experience to your enterprise. Our consultants are particularly helpful in this as the enterprise growth will be at the global level making great impacts increasing the efficiency of the software.

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