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Telecom industry is taking a big U-turn in restructuring their capabilities so that their services would be customer-centric, improve the efficiency and build high-value margins by transforming into a new avatar from the legacy systems.

Technerds is talented in focusing on customer requirements such that we convert the concepts to new innovations bringing value to pricing. Taking a technology shift, we build networks which is of high performance meeting the clients need and the expectations of the current generation end users.


Extended IT Support

Our team of members will assist your enterprise in the key aspects of network maintenance, network swaps/upgrades as when needed, network deployment and enjoy the benefits of experts who are technically competent to resolve the issues.

5G Technology

Having a deep understanding in telco market trends, we help the enterprises provide higher speed, lower latency, and powerful capacity. We help our clients to stream revenues by adapting to several real time scenarios.

Internet of Things

By implementing the latest technologies, we serve our clients to get crucial information from internal operations. We help telcos to wire to a variety of physical assets through software as a medium and with our exclusive expertise, bring ingenious outcomes.

Multi-Access Edge Computing

Multi-Access Edge Computing Provides cloud-computing capabilities at the edge of the network which helps in reducing the cloud data storage and transport costs. Our edge computing leads make sure that they conserve the network bandwidth, reduce network congestion, and help to strengthen security which is our utmost priority.

Cloud Computing

Using cloud computing services, we help the telcos to make a huge impact which helps in reducing the administrative costs. This also helps in focusing on business process rather than getting notification on server updates or hazards faced on maintenance. As cloud ensures high scalability and guarantees resilience which allows self-healing of a system in time. Using cloud solutions, we automate manual process of designing and testing of new network components due to which implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment(CI/CD) takes place. The adoption of microservices and edge computing have opened gateways for new revenue streams.

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