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With the footprint of Industry 4.0 revolution setup, Technerds help the clientele achieve their business objectives by implementing Smart Manufacturing, a technology-driven approach. Manufacturing Analytics being a wider part of Industry 4.0, ensures that we make effective use of event data and operations along with technologies in this industry for delivering quality, reduce cost and optimize supply chain.

By implementing smart technologies and collection of data at every touchpoint, we provide great insights when looking at the whole picture of manufacturing in real time which includes the actual plant where the production happens, Logistics Supply Chain, Warehouse, and Inventory.

Our insight to action journey is something like this. We ensure that from production in the factory till delivery to the consumer, with the help of predictive analytics,IoT I, Machine Learning, Block Chain, Automation and AI ensure to provide 360-degree view and optimize outputs. Using these technologies in a confluence form, our experts build the application such that the data are collected and analysed from unlimited sources. These data also help to identify the improvement areas which can be from machines to people, an incoming order to delivery of that order. The collected data is cleansed and formatted so that it provides meaningful information like Overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE) can be determined, formulate robust strategies, discuss on how to reduce the scheduling downtimes, perform demand forecasting for optimum inventory stocks, predict on seasonal demands, understand the customer behavior, make effective pricing and procurement decisions, manage IoT data to make predictive data models, and list goes on. As we will be able to conclude on these parameters, we can set up automatic business process to respond in real-time by applying the RPA principles.

The advantages of us being in latest trend helps our customers for effective Demand Forecasting, Inventory Optimization, Transportation Analytics, Early Warning Systems, Optimize Maintenance, improved the product quality in terms of reliability, warranty and real-time quality monitoring.


Connected Manufacturing

We connect process, plans, suppliers and consumers with interoperability and adaptability as being the primary components. This helps you to build products aligned to consumers need, improve on planning and scheduling accuracy, and reduce operational costs.

Real-time Tracking

It is possible for you to track all your machines using the application where the real-time location system configured to precisely locate the machinery on the factory floor.

Technology Consulting

Pushing our limits even to help you choose the right technology platform for your smart manufacturing unit. Welcoming the clients to have brain storming sessions, analyze your problem and provide an optimal solution aligned to your business model as a result increases your ROI.

Business Strategies Advisory

Technerds not only provide technology assistance, but using the advanced tools, our business strategists can develop strategic plans by reading your end results in the form of statistical information along with the market conditions to recommend solutions so that risks can be mitigated.

Visual Management Tools

Using the data visualization tools, the massive data collected is consolidated into easy-to-read Dashboards which will help the clients understand on what is going on in each of the divisions. Also, combining various data from different paths, helps to strong decisions as all are at one place.

Predictive Maintenance

The urge of helping our customers is crucial when it comes to prediction as it helps them to look at the problem at early stages. With the data collected and the historical data, our domain experts see to that they determine the condition of in-service equipment to improve the asset and inventory management.

Blockchain Implementation

To ensure that the manufacturer is free from fraudulence, the application of blockchain also aims in delivering stirring customer experience. We also assist in filling the gap between the clients and warranty providers to stream the warranty lifecycle.

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