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We, at Technerds help you strategize the cyber risks such that it will reduce the risk of attacks which will reduce the financial and operational impacts.

Cyber-attacks continue to increase in growth rapidly as the attackers are using a wide range of tactics which includes Crypto jacking, Ransomware, Phishing and Malware attacks. Our security analysts take the responsibility of planning security measures and controls, protecting digital files, and conducting security audits. Our primary goal is to protect your organization assets from threats and focus on quality. As a technology is utilized in different ways, new attacks pop out. For example, with IoT being popular now, using this as a medium, there is an increase of attacks. There comes our role in the urge to secure the networks.We ensure that we adhere to SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002).

Technerds help the clients to prevent their enterprise from any breach by assisting them in providing Cyber Security programs to their employees as they might tend to open the gateway for viruses into the workplace unintentionally. We provide the awareness training to them such that we help to understand the aftereffects of attacks to keep the organization safe and free from cyberthreats.


Cybersecurity Consultation

We help you pick up the right strategy to protect your sensitive data and assets. We provide solutions such that your security architecture meets the business objectives and strategies.

Network Security Monitoring

With the help of this process we detect threats and breaches, zero-day threats. It is also possible to identify the suspicious behaviour in the system. We provide solutions to address the detected threats. 

Cybersecurity Risk Analysis

The risk management and assessment encompasses of analysing each risk in comparison to the security of the client’s systems, devices, and concentrate on potential threats.

IoT Security

Our leads use methods like Public Key Infrastructure(PKI) authentication, Application Program Interface(API) security to fight the cybercrime attacks rooted in IoT devices.

Security Engineering

Designing and implementing the security architecture using the strong analytical skills, and problem-solving skills. We also help the clients to create and manage hardware, software, and security policies for the protection of systems, networks, and data with in-depth understanding of electricals and computers in a combined form.

Diversified approaches

It is best in the market to practice multiple approaches like Behavioural Analytics, Virtual Private Networks(VPNs), Access Control, Wireless Security, Firewalls and Application Security.

Application Security

The security engineers ensure that they implement best secured practices such that features like Authentication, Authorization, Encryption and Security Testing are in place from external threats throughout the entire application lifecycle.

Robust Cloud Security

Designed to cover the responsibilities like traditional software services, host machines, data servers, data storages, physical networks and end-users hardware which protects the cloud computing environments, applications running in the cloud and data held in the cloud.

Infrastructure Security

We follow a holistic approach such that the infrastructure remains protected. We adhere to Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency(CISA) recommendations and implement the approaches accordingly. This helps in benefiting the organization in terms of Data Protection, Internal Communications are Secure, Multi-sharing of networks as there is question of threats. 

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