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Data Analytics & BI


Technerds empowers enterprises to upgrade the follow-ups using data for analytics and assists you to automate end-to-end data management. We assist you in providing meaning insights by transforming the current and old data which in turn encourages your organization to take strategic decisions with adequate evidence.

With the usage of effective visualization tools, we identify the patterns and analyse them. The result of your massive amount of data would be a fine and rich story in the form of graphs, maps, charts and so on that you present in front of your customers. This accurate measure benefits you to take quicker and smarter decisions, bring in dynamic reporting system, enhanced productivity, improved efficiency, and expansion of business operations by identifying the trends ensuing to have increased revenue.

By undergoing this process, the noise or unwanted information are eradicated, thereby utilizing the time effectively and contribute crisp information.


Data Research

Cherry picking data from the observed, collected, or generated sets to deliver fruitful perception. Our research analysts plunge into the type of data whether it is Categorical data or Numerical data. By performing the Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA), we will be able to measure factual measurements and present the data form for further analysis.

Data Visualization

We identify the patterns, trends and outliers and read the data; We present the data in pictorial format which makes things easier to understand rather looking at the data in raw formats. Our visualization experts help in representing the information using visual elements like maps, charts, plots, graphs, and diagrams depending on the type of data.

ETL Frameworks

Create ETL pipelines such that the data can be retrieved from multiple sources and integration takes place after the cleansing, reformatting, and blending of data happens at this stage. Using ETL techniques, our experts can drive better business decisions.

Data Reporting

Ability in processing and collating the raw data to help you fetch relevant information in the form of reports where there is no room for errors.

Quantitative and Statistical Analysis

Presenting the hypothetical data as to numerical values that can be easily understood by everyone.

Machine Learning

The main goal to use the ML technologies is to provide accurate prediction and recommendation services. Based on the datasets, our ML experts work on implementing either Supervised or Unsupervised learning and ensure that appropriate algorithms are used to determine the end results.

Data Analysis

Understanding the problem and deep diving to collect the appropriate data, wrangle them so that useful information can be derived in which we are the best. The Product Managers analyse the data to know “What happened?” commonly known as Descriptive analysis, the first step to assess the data. Then to know “Why did it happen?” they use Diagnostic Analytics. Using the historical data and patterns, we predict on “What is likely to happen?” called as Predictive Analytics and finally to land to a solution, we end up with Prescriptive Analytics by providing suggestions and readings from the data.

Artificial Intelligence

We use AI to analyse client’s data for fine-grained insights, automate processes and make data-based decisions. By finding insights, we examine vast amount of data and find trends and patterns; by funneling all data in one solution, clients can get a comprehensive overview of data and with predictive AI, they can develop to forecast and analyse potential scenarios to determine the success rates.

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