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At TechNerds, we understand the pressure to keep up with dynamic advances in technology as well as to determine how the changes impact your business. As a result, we have adopted a listen first, reacting second philosophy which results in digitally transforming the business.

Our goal is to gain a clear understanding of where your organization is today and what your goals and challenges are for the future. Based on your individual objectives, we help you determine how to combine new technology with your current situation to achieve your goals with maximum efficiency.


Mortgage Solutions

The comprehensive range of quality services to help families and individuals. Automating the loan process helps the clients to optimize the process and deploy automation. The power of intelligent analytics like OCR and NLP is to demonstrate the relevant information delivery value to mortgage solutions. This correlated summary report guides the underwriter to make informed data-driven decisions.


Integrating and digitalizing banking & financial workflows to improve service. Getting uninterrupted service irrespective of the availability of computers has made it possible for us to deliver easy access to the customers to enhance customer experience. With our mobile expertise, we provide consulting and advisory solutions and perform mobile application development for better mobile banking solutions.

Transaction Processing

Streamlining the transactions through high-end automation and digital systems. The outcomes that our clients benefit from real-time transaction processing are credit card fraud and acceptance checks, improved portfolio management, and a scalable system. We adhere to PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) for all transactions.

QA & Testing

Expertise in quality financial assurance and testing services. We are experts in rolling out enterprise-wide test methodologies and tools and processes. The testing team is familiar with testing web and mobile platforms ensuring that we adhere to compliance with various regulations and implement automation frameworks for the end-to-end process.

Legacy Modernization

Highly transforming legacy systems to lower complexity in IT environments. The incorporation of modernization in legacy systems has its own advantages like Digital Wallet where we serve clients to facilitate digital transfers, enable P2P payments, and introduction of predictive and recommendation systems, Digital Brokerage, Blockchain Ledgers, and implementation of AI provides an opportunity to revamp the application without disturbing  the core business principles.


Providing automated, algorithm-driven financial planning services to manage your investments. Online investment management services with mathematical intervention help clients provide financial advice and the algorithms are used to allocate clients' assets in an efficient manner.

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