Infrastructure Services


Technerds as a Service Provider take that extra step from monitoring your network and infrastructure, 24/7 so that the resources at the organizational level can prioritize in projects growth from other aspects which will help in increasing the revenue. We are expertise in providing the managed services like Cloud Services, End User Services, Security Services, Infrastructure and Technology Support.

As of recent past, we observe the increase of infrastructure complexity and in real time, organizations expectation have raised to the next level. By hiring a Services Provider, your in-house team can contribute more in terms of productivity and innovation as it also benefits the Organization for better cost control, receiving round-the-clock service, to have predictable expense(OPEX) and reduced risk management.

We believe in carrying your requirements and cascade in the form of responsibilities to our consultants so that we focus on delivery higher quality of services. By opting for managed services, it helps your organization to be engrossed on expanding the horizon of business core competencies as we assist you in optimizing the delivery of your business services whether it is internal or managed, on premise or cloud infrastructure services. If your strategic goals are ready to implement, experts from our team will design and configure a plan which can fabricate a positive impact and bloom your business. By adhering to GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation), we ensure that your business setup is secured with intelligent security so that potential threats can be evaluated.


24/7 IT Service Support

Provide end-to-end support in troubleshooting problems, connectivity issues, application upgrades, automation of service desk management using the role of AI. The team supports to plan, prioritize, and schedule IT infrastructure migration and help to understand the benefits of cloud migration, cloud-native development and choose the right cloud services.

Infrastructure Services

Narrowing down the issue to keep an eye in ensuring the stability of the system, networks monitoring, system, and database administration apart from installation, upgradation of IT systems and personnel. We setup the Service-Level-Objectives as per your norms and provide detailed KPIs like service availability, response time, CSAT, etc.,

Cloud Services

Our team of IT expertise include Private, Public, and Hybrid cloud infrastructure administration, maintenance, security audit and support. Based on the requirements and market target, we analyse and suggest you the best type of cloud computing service that you can opt for, to meet out the demands instantly rather than using a local server. The transparency, scalability, security, and intelligent monitoring are our aim in cloud infrastructure implementation, makes it easy to re-architect the network.

Enterprise Solution Services

To ensure that we provide the enterprise solution models like data centers integration, maintenance, support, and migration. Not limiting to data centers, the services are extended to directory services, and CRM systems too.

Security Services

Handle the data more securely that we work on patch management, encryption, firewalls, configuration management, and so on. Our managed security engineers read the current state and build a roadmap which will in turn guide you to apply the latest security strategies to organization’s network and endpoints. We also help you manage endpoints so that the end users’ devices are protected from the cybersecurity threats.

Technology Support

Ensuring that with right resources and technical expertise combined with established methodologies to deliver the project within budget meeting the timeline.

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