Logistics & Transportation

Real-Time Tracking
Route Optimization
Computerization of Pin-to-Plane
Demand Forecasting
Predictive Maintenance
Damage Detection
Pick-Up Optimization
Smart Location Management System

The amalgamation of the transport industry and digitalization has created a zillion of possibilities in the areas of improvement. Due to digital technologies, the paperwork and recording the data in the form of pile of files have reduced and we see that transparency and communication weighs high as the business process made so easy.

We, at Technerds, help the enterprise to deal with complex problems by giving solutions right away with the level of expertise that our consultants can deliver based on priorities. We take the responsibility such that the clients can avail the benefit of mobilization of their products or services. The software we provide of great quality which provide better customer experience where the product can be used in multiple platforms.


Communication made better

With the evolving usage of technologies like AI and Chatbots, helps to communicate between employees, suppliers, clients, and consumers.

Global Payments System

Allows by providing the benefits of paying in local currencies and payment types as we integrate with industry standard global payments systems which makes the process hustle-free.


We help our clients by developing gamification techniques for better consumer engagement and inspire partners for collaborations. These strategies aid to improve the operator performance and maintain the quality of the end-result of a task.

Diligent Project Management

Keeping customers’ complex issues and providing utmost quality, the PMs are organized and punctilious. With their in-depth knowledge of management concepts and application of strategies, we deliver high quality services with time and budget as other factors for consideration.

Governed TMS

To focus on effectively manage the L&T functions, Transportation Management Systems helps the enterprises to keep the organized by automating processes like load booking and tendering, optimize routes, manage carriers and reporting in the form of KPI Tracking and briefing to showcase analytics in the Dashboards.

Effective IoT solutions

The core pillars of logistics industry like SCM Systems, Vehicle Tracking, Communication Systems, and IT Security were revamped in joining hands with IoT. This has gained its value due to improved inventory management solutions, Route Optimization techniques and so on.

Barcode Scanning

The business integration process have become very simple with the use of barcodes. We integrate our application with barcode technology so that data collection is possible and automatic scanning of information happens then and there. We help the clients to identify the bottlenecks, scheduling and tracking of the inventory replenishments can be effective which increases the sales. With the received data, prediction of the root cause for delays can be analysed using our ML expertise which further increases productivity.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

The fleet tracking and monitoring tasks becomes easier as we help our clients in providing the VTS application where configuring and tracking of vehicles are the primary focus. The real-time tracking aids in improvised vehicle security, prevents misuse and theft. This also reduces fuel cost and time of delivery and ensures fixed journey plans on daily basis.

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