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The Media Entertainment being the sunrise sector for the economy, the increasing numbers of fast and cheap internet and the increasing purchases of the consumer durables have made a significant impact in the market. This industry is expected to grow at a much faster rate which can be credited to push towards digital adoption. Around 19% of the digital media’s contribution is to total M&E revenue.

Media is consumed by groups of near and far, with the huge diverse of demographics, the major avenues are Television, Broadcast, Digital Media, Print, Filmed Entertainment, Online Gaming, Live Events, Animation and VFX, Out of Home(OOH), Text and Book Publishing, Radio, and Music. We help the industry players to implement new concepts, stories and transform the traditional media to another modernized form of experimenting the content using our latest technologies.


Content Personalization

As the challenge of the business is to build customers’ trust, we give our undivided attention, we provide recommendation systems based on research and applying various algorithms as per the requirements. For example, those looking for nature videos might be interested in various informative topics like Birds, Climate, Oceans, Mammals, National Parks, Earth and so on.

Digital Data Privacy

The group of experts from our panel ensure that your sensitive information like personal data and confidential data like financial data and intellectual property data is properly handled to meet regulatory requirements. We aim to keep digital footprints and risk exposure at the bay.

Artificial Intelligence

With extensive opportunity to understand the user data as the amount of data collected is huge, our experts assist the clientele in cleansing the unstructured data and add a human touch to the results to mining and filling this data. AI technology along with ML algorithms is used in classifying the digital data as per the features. Technerds help in recommendations as we can predict the user engagement opening door for new possibilities.

IoT Solutions

The number of connected devices keeps increasing and it paves way to IoT in attending to different industries. M&E is no exception to this as it is witnessing rapid growth here as well. We provide clients an exponential benefits and impacts are made for targeted advertising, reaching audience, and expanding their channels and creating immersive content by generating high-quality data, provide deep insights to help marketers for building targeted ads which needs the customers’ needs.

Revolution of NFTs

Using the blockchain-dwelling certificates, Non-Fungible Tokens, we record the ownership of digital assets. In media industry, we apply NFTs for managing micropayments for content by using the pay per usage scheme. Our experts also help in avoiding the traditional methods by elimination of content aggregation which in turn helps to avoid charges caused by third parties.


It assists our clients in getting only the required information, easier browsing, manage global broadcasting, effective audience engagement, content control and custom alerts. We help to deliver better opportunities, customized content, and improved communication in any platform.

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