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The emerging market conditions and the seamless integration of software, automation and cutting-edge technologies have taken the automotive industry to its next level for higher efficiency. Technerds facilitate the automakers to implement digitalization with comprehensive consulting to develop digitized strategies and discover the possibilities.

As considered to be the largest economy sector by revenue, the automakers are ready to pitch in and collaborate with the latest technologies to bring outstanding business models, value chain and latest trends. We at Technerds help clients design vehicles that are more appealing which mainly focuses on safety, cost, efficiency, performance, and customer satisfaction.

We provide solutions that improve the development and validation process in terms of designing and engineering new vehicles by developing software products with superior user experience. Our solutions in terms of product engineering include prototyping and UX, architectural design, software development, infrastructure management, and advisory services.

With everything being automated we help the automakers run their business operations which include finance, customer care, and logistics. With several years of expertise, we deliver strategic solutions which reduce the overhead cost.


Data Analysis

Through simulation and analysis, our clients do not need to build components separately and go through the hectic testing phase rather we help them achieve as it becomes a one-stop solution in product development. In MFG, our data scientists analyze the suppliers and parts. They also forecast whether the suppliers will be able to deliver on time and evaluate the financial performance.


Using the latest technologies in IoT, we assist our clients in providing information on predictive maintenance for the cars, easier monitoring of a commercial fleet for optimized maintenance, and improved logistics. We also collect data from car sensors to predict the driving style and using Connected Vehicles, alert them when they approach any accident zone by detecting the GPS.

Digital Twin Technology

Using this latest technology, we help our clients to manage their inventories better. With data gathered from disparate sources in one place, modeling their supply chain, they can get a detailed view of suppliers, inventories, and other info. We also provide support in developing real-time dashboards and advanced analytics to capture bottom-line problems.

Electric Vehicles

The EV revolution has started and with our expertise, the data collected is used to evaluate the vehicle's performance so that we identify new opportunities in EV design. The hardware is put into study such that preventive and predictive maintenance is performed to alert clients regarding the durability of the parts and when the next replacement can be expected.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Process Automation is proved to be effective since we provide cost-cutting methods and less time spent in performing labor-intensive and iterative tasks and helped them reduce paper-based processes through automation.

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