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In today’s trend the global digitalization impact has created increased consumer behaviour, it also helps the retailers to understand on how to connect with customer and keep the interest on pace such that they never go out-of-date.

With dynamic environment, Technerds endeavours to serve the retailers in providing the tool and software support to build their ladder of growth. We do not limit our capabilities with developing business related to kiosks, personal selling assistants, QR Codes, Payment Scanners, Electronic Price Tags and building powerful warehouse management systems but also help our customer to collect the consumer data out of which our team of experts deal with providing secured and meaningful data stored in the system for immediate or later use.


Offline mode Support

The enterprise can rely on us when the Point-of-Sale system is in offline mode. We ensure that the customers can still process the payments and all details gets saved. The sync will happen once the customer comes out to online mode.

Effective Decision Making

Understanding the business process, we help you to make effective decision after analysing models like Recency, Frequency, Monetary(RFM) Analysis, Market Basket Analysis, Churn Modelling and so on.

Augmented Reality

Apart from improving the efficiency of employees, implementation of AR helps the clients to sell less popular and more expensive products, increases conversions and sales. This also aids in collecting data from customers and drive sales of other related products too.

System as hub

With ERP support, we merge POS so that all data are in centralized form. This helps the retailers to manage supply chain, inventory and aid them to decide on when they can provide raining offers. This also assists them to validate the information in the system and actuals either in brick ‘n’ mortar or online stores.

Analytical Interpretation

Usage of modern approaches towards the data analytics such that we showcase results in creating customer recommendations, personalized shopping experience and improve customer service. As an enterprise, you will be benefited in terms of saving costs and be prepared for future based on our forecasting results.

Self-Service Kiosks

Implementing kiosks helps our clients in upselling and cross-selling increases the sales and satisfied consumers are returning as this reduces line length, easily view on what is available, encourages omni-channel shopping. This also aids in managing efficient use of staff focusing on other priorities eventually increases client’s ROI.

Seamless Customer Experience

As AI is integrated in applications, it helps in engaging customers and provide personalized service. The checkout process is streamlined which makes the customer to make purchase in-stores. The implementation of smart mirrors read RFID tags is used to improve customer experience where customers are provided with more information. For example, a customer can request for new sizes, ask for store assistants help, and find complementary accessories.

Retail Industry Knowledge

Designed to help the retailers to adopt unique strategies such that your customers will use the right product for the right price. Our highly skilled management professionals keep us updated the market trends based on research and analysis.

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