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The digitalization across industries have brought massive changes towards upliftment and Energy & Utilities sector is no exception. The technologies transform the E&U operations to bring a huge impact in adding business value. We redefine the industry by using the agile, self-service platforms and decentralized intelligent networks to analyse the demand.

The world is moving towards more renewable and green energy sources, and we take this opportunity in the form of our expertise to make a difference in clients value in the market.

Using the Distributed Energy Systems(DES), we assist our clients to reduce costs, secure revenue improve reliability and implement optimization techniques. We help the end-customers to understand the future of green energy such that energy can be conserved easily. We develop green energy services like intelligent electric vehicle charging and smart home applications to make the options sustainable.



Providing the NexGen industry solutions to improve the customer experience, usability and optimize the energy usage by implementing cloud solution. With this approach, its easily scalable to fit in various use cases.

Consulting and Advisory Services

With the domain expertise, we help the clients in business analysis which improves the process improvement. We also guide in keeping them informed about the regulatory changes as the energy markets keeps evolving.

Digitalized Network Management

As reliable power distribution networks are built; the digitizing process becomes so efficient and easier. Our client is benefited as tracking assets with built-in geographical information and workers during natural calamities like cyclones, hurricanes, and blackouts is super-beneficial as it helps them to identify and mitigate the problems such that issues are resolved quickly.

IoT & Renewable Energy

Applications of IoT in wind and solar energy systems have supported our clients to maximize energy production and monitoring several parameters in wind energy will affect in power generation too. Using IoT, smart grids can support manual renewables and long-established power plants to facilitate uninterrupted power supply whereas the traditional energy grids do not support switching.

Smart Meter Technology

Using the IoT gateway, we collect data such as voltage levels, power factor, current and electric energy from the local networks. With these data we can record the energy levels and report regularly. This metering system provides outstanding benefits to customers which opens the gateway for decarbonisation.

Test Management

Testing is a crucial phase in energy industry and our group of test experts organize the test process, define the test scope, suggest tools, create test plans, and test suites and ensure that the security of the system is protected. This helps in maintaining the performance and stability in delivering the services to end customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Energy companies use smart grids where we help them integrate with sensors, data analytics tools and energy management platforms and collect data to provide meaningful insights. We also ensure that the grid security is monitored such that the security of energy grid is improved by preventing cyberattacks. The patterns of energy data are identified using data analytics and when it’s an indication of cyberattack, AI can be used to respond to the attack.

Machine Learning

Serving to the best, ML experts help the clients to understand the customers need and take actions like identifying suspicious metering points, assure incoming grid data integrity, real-time reporting, and visualization techniques, predict outages, reduce non-technical losses(NTL) to improve the power supply quality and increase operating profits.

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