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The blend of IT services with insurance sector is a big hit in recent years which enables the insurers to automate the business processes and objectives. We serve the insurtech enterprises with industry-specific solutions, implement the tech trends that help them promote new digital business models.

By integrating the process in ERP, we ensure that the customer data is used effectively in predictive analytics which aids in enterprises to identify claims that unexpectedly become high-cost losses. The large picture of the result helps the insurers to come up with new products, work towards the organizational growth and focus on future goals from the data-driven decisions. We also help our clients in simplifying the claim process through self-service portals by creating streamlined workflows with the consultant’s expertise in RPA. In health insurance, the application helps the injured persons to get quicker and easier access to claim the insurance where interaction with carriers and management of data is made possible.


Advanced Analytics

Apply advanced modelling techniques, analysing historical costs, expenses, risks, and profits, we help identify fraudulence, detect customers at risk of cancellation, customer retention rates and so on.

Block Chain

Using this tech trend helps in increasing the security and efficiency of the companies in insurance sector. Smart Contract process assists the insurers in increasing profits, reducing costs and automate claim functions.

Effective Cyber Security

Security-Our group of experts ensure that the customer data is secured preventing from risk of data breach as the insurers hold highly confidential policy holder information. The in-house risk managers focus on access controls, encryption of data and prevention of data leaks.

Machine Learning

We not only use algorithms to conclude but also help the enterprises to improve the speed and accuracy of processing the claims. Using clean data, we help identify the risk profile of a customer which in turn help in creating customised insurance products based on the needs and usage of customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Using NLP technology, we help the machine to capture customer data from paper-based forms and extract meaning out of the same. This helps in reducing the manual and redundant process. Using this seventh sense of intelligence, we take the responsibility to recognize the abnormal scenarios in customer claims and risk management thus helping the enterprises prevent from fraudulent claims.

Telematics Insurance

The policy through which we help our clients to monitor how the driving takes place and adjusts the costs based on their driving habits. Once the device is installed in the vehicle, we use GPS to track and using this data we analyse the driving patterns and provide driving score. The anti-theft tracker helps to locate the vehicle if customer’s car is stolen.

Risk Management

To keep your business safe and thriving, and overcome challenges like results from regulatory developments, operational risk, market volatility and reputational risks, we help our clients to easily assess the physical security, compliance to regulations and policies, and cyber security. We ensure that the requirements of Own Risk and Solvency Assessment Model Act (ORSA) are met which helps in saving time, remediating, analysing, and reporting the data meanwhile the team can focus on factors in reducing risk and meeting compliance.

Property & Casualty Insurance

The advance of ecosystem and data-driven insurance has disrupted the P & C industry. To improve on this, we streamline not only the business processes but enhance new business and operating models to achieve high performance in dynamic market conditions. We help in simplifying the renewal process by creating a fully digital and modern customer experience. We also ensure that contracts, assets, incidents, workflows, risk, and insurance management and integration take place with ease.

Claims Management

In order to stop financial leakage and minimize inefficiencies, we help the insurtech companies with digital claim transformation system where the insurer overcomes the challenges and can avoid various steps involved from verification, evaluation, and finally the settlement. The software helps automate manual process and optimize workflows and reducing the operating costs. The customer will also be able to monitor customer behaviour and identify the suspicious claims. As we maintain the history of customer data, it’s possible to optimize the underwriting process to prevent losses.


We are specialized in automating the underwriting process where RPA, AI and ML technologies are used to determine whether to accept the risk presented by the customer. As evaluation of risk is performed, it allows the generate profits for clients and enhance customer satisfaction by providing customised policies.

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