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Technerds make use of powerful tools like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in analysing the semi-structured and unstructured data. It also opens the gate for plethora of possibilities, consultants with their technical expertise think through the existing process/new requirements and bring the desired results to the table.

With the automation tools and being customer centric as the driving force in today’s world, Technerds strive to achieve the customer needs.

The Robotic Process Automation is preferred method for improving the business process. Though RPA is efficient at automating processes using the structured data, there is a humongous amount of unstructured data as well where rises the complexity to manage the issues. We at Technerds keep that in mind such that the RPA consultants look for faulty issues that RPA is not able to identify, we as the source of power, help your organization in identifying faults, anlayze them, monitor them. In a nutshell, we ensure that we make ourselves available to proceed with the next step and provide results as expected.

We have not only limited our strength with RPA as there are caveats that it needs human intervention then and there. We have expanded our horizon in Intelligent Process Automation where complex processes can be implemented without any hustle. We treat the output of RPA which becomes as an input to analyse by which we can reduce the manual tasks and help you achieve ROI in a short span of time.

We also assist organizations to build an updated version of business process where effective techniques are implemented using the core features of IPA like Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Workflow tools.

We are confident that by integrating the existing RPA system with traditional AI, your organization can exhibit refined data where complex tasks are automated and with the IPA tools support, we can have influence amongst others.



With the structured approach, we thrive to convert the rigid and repetitive business process into less complex solutions in real-life applications.

Reinforcement Learning

We join hands with ML models like Reinforcement learning where we train the system to make better predictions through repeated trial and error.

Computer Vision

Our experts make use of image processing tools like MATLAB, Tensorflow, Open CV and so on to capture and interpret information that derives to significant facts and figures. We allow the computer to ‘see’ effectively such that the documents in the form of pdf, images, videos are scanned thoroughly and types we handle are object/facial recognition, pattern detection, image classification, etc,

Artificial Intelligence

As the team allows to ‘see’ better in Computer Vision, here in AI we provide an opportunity for the computer to ‘think’ better and be part of providing dramatic impact for your enterprise. Technerds grab the AI approaches where we allow the machine to think humanly or think rationally based on the client requirements. We also train the machines to act humanly and act rationally as per the problem/situation/environment.

Machine Learning

Keeping the historical and currently data and with right usage of algorithms, we display meaningful insights and predict the future helping the organization face the risk and make necessary steps in avoiding them.

Natural Language Processing

Get insights from unstructured text data by providing the source to understand text and voice messages. Our subject matter experts apply their Text Clustering skills, implement the computer languages like Python and R along with statistical analysis which makes to execute the operations in an effective manner helping your organization for increased productivity and better optimization.

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