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The Oil & Gas companies need to adopt digitalization as soon as possible to gain a competitive edge. This transformation would help them to reduce costs, improve operations and business performance. We, at Technerds help the clients to be more agile, competitive, and efficient in dynamic market conditions.

There are several modules that contributes to the digital transformation including enhancing the customer experience, optimization of integral use of equipment, improve performance forecasting, and increase oil recovery rates. These factors help our experts to improve decision making and automate the processes.

Technerds aims in accelerating the client’s business through facilitating digital transformation such that to instil the innovation employees’ thoughts. We also help in breaking down the data silos. Silos will not help in get a full picture. After data consolidation, it helps to break down silos which helps to create adhesive understanding of operations and for better decision-making.

Using the holistic approach that we can help businesses save money and operate efficiently. It also makes us deal high-profile and complex projects with ease. We conclude to provide results after evaluation process of analysing the environment after which trends are outlined. The outcome is based on several factors like your requirements, your business strategies, technologies currently that are in use, maintenance practises, allocated budget and so on.


Predictive Maintenance

The operations performed includes gathering of data from sensors in field installations and integrating with algorithms. This will help our engineers to quickly assess the equipment condition and taking necessary steps. These predictions along with visualization tools, allows the operators to predict potential failures and the solutions provide help improve your safety, extend the lifetime of equipment, and reduce operations and maintenance costs.

Robotics Process Automation

As in O&G sector, there are high chances of risk to human safety, we advise our clients to adapt to robotics and automation to increase workplace safety as well as this increases the speed of operations. Robots are highly beneficial in a factory, oil, and refinery setup. It also reduces the manpower requirement which helps in reducing man-made errors.

Avatar of IoT

We help our clients in providing IoT solutions such that the overall performance in the refinery gets improved for equipment optimization, ensure worker safety, and monitoring remote areas. Solutions such as Blowout Preventors(BOP), Sensors placed inside walls, and choke valves enable real-time data collection.

Artificial Intelligence

Our SME diligently solve complex problems in upstream, mid-stream and downstream operations. AI enabled platforms support decision making with insights from predictive, prescriptive, and cognitive analytics. With this, we help the petroleum engineers to discover and implement new techniques and ideas to increase the ROI.

Cloud Computing

We provide the pros of using cloud computing which includes reducing costs, connected operations, higher flexibility to scale up or scale down, to have better reliability and lower downtime and aims for operational agility and business growth. The cloud enables the clients to remotely monitor and maintain production units. The data is even analysed in cloud to determine when assets maintenance required, to reduce unexpected outages, and for better decision making. Cloud technology is considered to be affordable as clients pay for only the storage they use, and this can slim down in expenses.


The use of blockchain technology has tremendous growth in O&G sector. Usage of Smart Contracts provides security and transparency in handing the documents and performing operations. We also help in automating invoices, post-trade settlements, taking the maximum benefits out of blockchain.

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