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Asset Inventory & Management

Technological developments in the real estate sector have made it easier than ever to connect with the right users to the properties of their preference which helps in comprehensive real estate management where we can avoid the middlemen and create exceptional user experiences.

We help our clients build their websites with great user interface, tailored gallery along with 360-degree view of virtual estate for housing searching purpose. We also provide the same features in cross functional platforms like mobile and tablet. Using the advanced big data technologies, we help the Mortgage tech companies to expand their customer base. Our data scientists, with predictive analytics identify deceptive patterns related to fraud risks, compliance by warning out red flags about false occupancy, and fictitious properties.

Technerds strive harder to bring in computerized solutions replacing the whiteboards and sticky notes are chaos for improved property maintenance. We focus our energy to bring the best of the allocated properties functioning better, to have a comfortable and safe environment by implementing features like Work Order History, Smart Maintenance, Smart Bill Entry, Asset Downtime Tracking, Cost & Labor Tracking and so on.

It’s time that we piled out the bundle of manual records and fed the existing information to the system. By having technology as our friend, we as a team, with diverse expertise, were able to provide integrated solution. Our team computerized everything and just on a few clicks and taps, an occupant was able to report an issue through his gadget. It was so gratifying for the managers to have effortless tracking, delegation and assigning activities to have a view from his desktop. From on-boarding a property from scratch to printing out the invoice to their customers; from understanding the occupants' issues precisely to assigning jobs to technicians and track his status, the property managers workload has been reduced drastically; they were able to use their work hours wisely. Our team has been a great pillar of support in showcasing their skills to keep this running.


Visualization Techniques

Using the ML Visualization tools we help the business to display info like Most frequently used Goods from inventory and Least Used Goods from inventory, analyse technician performance by tracking his productivity, identifying the outliers from the data through which data correction in billing is possible.

Predictive Analytics

Our data science experts assist clients to analyse the effectiveness of spares using historical data, using algorithms with classifiers can help them choose between Brand A and B of an asset, recommend best products based on previous pick from the inventory, prediction of issues based on geographical location, predict asset lifetime and depreciation value.


Using Natural Language Processing(NLP), the occupants residing in the property will be able to create tickets and we answer all questions in a very few steps. This will help them to get quicker resolution reducing the Turn Around Time. Here technicians can use speech to text for effective notes documentation to achieve faster results and move on with upcoming tasks swiftly. Productivity of the team increases.


Based on the frequency of the maintenance, recurring Service Requests are automated, using variables of weather conditions we notify occupants on informing about delays. Again, reading the weather conditions, predict that the snow level might increase in the next two weeks and automatically notify the snow drift vendor in advance to get the appropriate resources and winter service vehicles.


Using Hierarchical Clustering, we can create distance matrix of data. We capture the distance between the properties under that license. Assume that there are 10 properties. The distance between each of the two properties will be calculated and as an end we can conclude technicians can be mapped to least distance properties so that we can save time, effective utilization of resources, cut down on fuel expenses.

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