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Travel can be either as a business tour, can be a vacation or for education purpose. Nowadays, travel has predominantly become a leisure activity majorly to come out of the mundane routine. More than visiting places and making memories, it brings new ideas and perspectives which is not worth to miss it. The birth of digitalization in this industry has scope for Online Travel Agents(OTAs) is considered as the best example in tourism sector.

Travel Technology intends to assist businesses and their employees, improve their customer experience for travellers. Technerds help the clients to deliver the business with improved accuracy and convenience while also focus on reducing the human errors. The goal behind to implement travel technology is to automate travel, save time and create a seamless travel experience for consumers.

Our clients get the benefit of Travel Technology to streamline their process and to automate which basically requires human intervention. With the expertise from our end, we make clients to reduce their staffing requirements, cut costs which directly increases the ROI.

To stay ahead of the competitors, the latest trends are put into use as changes in customer behaviour is constant. With the emerging technologies we ensure that we read customers’ mind every now and then; make necessary changes and be in the market for a longer period.

We follow latest travel trends which includes Voice Search, Facial Recognition, IoT and so on. This helps the travellers for a hassle-free check-in avoiding the queue and getting contact with humans(after COVID-19, it is noted that people are so conscious while they travel). We also help the clients to sell travel products like airline tickets, holiday packages, short/long trip details, hotel accommodation and so on. This digital transformation means better margins and healthier cash flows.


Travel Search Engines

The main purpose of this tool is to bring consolidated results in a single platform. We make effective use of Metasearch engines which returns a comprehensive list sending the search query as input. This helps to improve user experience and saves time as the consumer would be able to compare the pricing/offers with one another.

Artificial Intelligence

The dynamic pricing system plays a vital role as our engineers automate airline tickets and run complex programs such that it benefits our clients to identify the type of travellers which sums up to determine the optimal pricing. It also ensures that the seats are filled in and prices are fixed with travellers’ data and travel trends about the destination as the major factors.

Big Data

It helps in identifying the main trends in the market such that the consumers’ need is understood to provide an outstanding overall customer experience. We help the clients to adopt more strategic approach for their marketing efforts like identify the potential customers from the data collected(track customer behaviour and preferences), send marketing messages, based on time and location opening the doors for promotions.

Chatbots as Travel Assistant

AI powered Chatbots is the most required assistance for tourists. It helps them to plan the holidays such that it provides greatest deal according to their preferences. Technerds diligently work to upgrade the chatbots such that the reinforcement learning is a part of the process.

Digital Kiosks

The digital signage kiosks helps the tourists to get another level of travel experience. We develop kiosks in a way that helps the clients in providing interactive experience for tours, information on hotels, services, get crisp information about the attractions in that destination, more details on public transportation along with displaying the city maps for better navigation and planning.


The group of our experts ensure that personalization is possible when a tourist stays in a hotel room. They use our clients’ in-house tablets through which they can customize their stay. For example, they can control music, TV, change room temperature, switch on/off lights and so on.

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